Patch 1.1.0

The 1.1.0 version is live! Thank you everyone for your feedback.


  • Fixed the ability to skip intro many times (you can only skip it one time now).


  • Added an option "Restart Level" in the pause menu.


  • Added on-screen feedback for "freeroaming/node-to-node".
  • Added on-screen feedback for "walk/run".
  • Increased VR pointer size.


  • Fixed various nodes issues.
  • Fixed various collisions issues.
  • Fixed spawn under the temple stairs when load the savegame.
  • Added a trigger to call the lift from the lower level in the floating garden (useful for some collision bugs).
  • Rebuilt collisions for the bridges in the floating garden.
  • Improved nodes and collisions for the bridges in the cave level.
  • Fixed the ability to enter Yethoa's bedroom even if the door is closed (by clicking on the wall).


  • Decreased character movement max acceleration.
  • Decreased character movement max walk speed.
  • Added sensitivity on motion controllers thumbsticks (acceleration/deceleration).


  • Added info for the "confortable VR" option.
  • "Teleport marker" option is now ON by default.
  • Moved "Left Handed" option to "Controls" instead of "Game". 
  • Changed "freeroaming/node-to-node" to "toggle" for VR and gamepad (mouse unchanged).
  • Changed gamepad control on left trigger to "toggle run" instead of "180° turn".
  • Added option "Enable Vive Controls" to map the Vive controller correctly (needs better integration).
  • Added extra delay for node-to-node traveling to avoid teleporting too fast through nodes.
  • Changed the movement forward direction to be relative to the camera (dynamic) instead of relative to the screen position (fixed).
  • Mapped "Toggle Run" on Oculus Touch (faceBtn1).
  • Increased default incremental turn (VR / Gamepad) from 18° to 30°.
  • Added an option to adjust incremental turn degree (15 / 30 / 45 / 90).
  • Added an option "Aim Mode" for VR (aim with gaze or controller).


  • Fixed a bug with the lamp's door in the corridor (generator island) not ON (if supposed to be ON) on load game.


  • Increased footsteps sounds frequency when running.
  • Added footstep sound when incremental turns and 180 fast turn.


  • Removed refraction on the boat glass windows (ugly).
  • Fixed wrong lamp's buttons position in the corridor (generator island).


  • Some Steam achievements don't unlock.

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