Choconoa Devlog #5

This week we analyse our level design practices in a very practical way. Also we make sure the flow is consistent and intuitive. The challenge here is to create organic levels (non grid-based levels), and make sure that the distances are correct etc..

On this picture below, you can see how we balance the safe zone and the threat zone, how we place the rewards, how we force you to learn the basics before progressing further etc..

This gif gives you an idea of the flow and how we make it as smooth as possible for the player.

Grayboxing the levels requires to remove all deco, foliage etc.. 
Using a simple color code is very useful. The red is the threat, the blue and yellow are used for navigation..
In this step, we are blocking all the collisions. that way when we will assemble the art and details all together, the collisions will remain unchanged.

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